“The Remarkable Career of Dennis Amiss: A Cricket Legend That You Need to Know About” 

 February 27, 2023


Cricket, a game that is revered and loved by millions around the world, has been able to produce many legends over the years. One such legend is Dennis Amiss. Born on April 7, 1943, in Surrey, England, Dennis Amiss started his cricketing journey at an early age. An opening batsman renowned for his immaculate timing and technique, Amiss’ career lasted for over a decade in which he played for England, Warwickshire, and various other teams. During his career, he achieved many accolades and set records that are still remembered to this day.

Early Life and Cricket Journey

Dennis Amiss was passionate about cricket from an early age. He started playing cricket at the age of seven and played for his school team at the age of ten. Amiss joined the Warwickshire team in 1962 and made his debut for the England team in 1966. With a batting average of over 45 in first-class cricket, Amiss was known for his immaculate timing and technique. He was a natural stroke-maker, and his ability to time the ball well earned him many accolades over the years.

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Records Set by Dennis Amiss

Dennis Amiss set many records during his cricketing career. In 1972, he scored more than 1,000 runs in Test cricket, becoming the first-ever England player to do so. This achievement helped him earn the prestigious Wisden Cricketer of the Year award. Amiss also holds the record for the highest partnership (231) with Ian Chappell in a MCC vs. Rest of the World match.

Achievements of Dennis Amiss

During his cricket journey, Amiss achieved many significant milestones. Amiss scored 3,612 runs in 50 Test matches for England at an average of 46.30, including eleven centuries. He also played 440 first-class games for Warwickshire, scoring 35,573 runs at an average of 42.86. From 1971 to 1972, Amiss was ranked as the best batsman in the world by the ICC.

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Dennis Amiss: The Author

As if all his cricketing achievements were not enough, Dennis Amiss also wrote a couple of books on cricket. He co-authored two books – “The Middle”, and “Playing for England” – with former cricketer Maurice Foster.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dennis Amiss

Q1. When did Dennis Amiss retire from cricket?
Dennis Amiss retired from cricket in 1987.

Q2. What was Dennis Amiss’ batting average in Test cricket?
Dennis Amiss’ batting average in Test cricket was 46.30.

Q3. Which county team did Dennis Amiss play for?
Dennis Amiss played for Warwickshire in the county cricket.

Q4. How many books has Dennis Amiss written?
Dennis Amiss has co-authored two books on cricket.

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Q5. When was Dennis Amiss named as the best batsman in the world?
Dennis Amiss was ranked as the best batsman in the world by the ICC in 1971-1972.

Q6. What is Dennis Amiss’ highest score in Test cricket?
Dennis Amiss’ highest score in Test cricket is 203.

Q7. What is Dennis Amiss’ greatest achievement?
Dennis Amiss’ greatest achievement is scoring more than 1,000 runs in a calendar year in Test cricket in 1972.


Dennis Amiss was a remarkable cricketer whose contribution to the game will always be remembered. He was a gifted batsman with impeccable timing and technique, and his numerous records and achievements are a testament to his excellence. Dennis Amiss is an inspiration to many young cricketers worldwide and a true cricket legend that needs to be celebrated. His story is not just of a cricketer but of a man who pursued his passion with hard work, dedication, and perseverance, garnering the respect and admiration of all those who had the privilege to watch him play.

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