The Fascinating Life and Legacy of Alvin Stardust: A Rock Icon in his Own Right 

 February 28, 2023

The Fascinating Life and Legacy of Alvin Stardust: A Rock Icon in his Own Right


Alvin Stardust was an English pop-rock singer, songwriter, and performer who rose to fame in the 1970s. With his unique style, deep voice, and energetic performances, he became a household name in the UK and beyond. From his childhood memories to his performing career and legacy, this article explores the fascinating life of this rock icon.

Section 1: Childhood and Early Life

Alvin Stardust was born as Bernard William Jewry on September 27, 1942, in Muswell Hill, North London. Growing up, he was passionate about music and would perform at various local events. When he turned 17, he joined a band as a guitarist and started touring across the UK. However, it wasn’t until he was discovered by a talent scout that his career began to take off.

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Section 2: Stardom Beckons

In the early 1970s, Alvin adopted the pseudonym “Alvin Stardust” and released his debut single, “My Coo Ca Choo,” which became an instant hit. His signature black leather catsuit, distinctive hairstyle, and fingerless gloves made him a memorable figure on stage. His follow-up songs, including “Jealous Mind” and “Red Dress,” cemented his status as a pop-rock icon of the era.

Section 3: The King of Glam Rock

Alvin Stardust was at the forefront of the glam rock movement in the 1970s, which included artists like David Bowie, T. Rex, and Gary Glitter. His music blended rock, pop, and even country influences. Stardust’s flamboyant dress sense and theatrical performances were an inspiration to many young musicians of the time.

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Section 4: Life on the Road

During the height of his career, Alvin Stardust spent much of his time touring across the world. He played to packed arenas and was a regular fixture on TV shows and concerts. Stardust’s charismatic stage presence and high-energy performances ensured that his fans enjoyed every moment.

Section 5: From Music to Acting

In the 1980s, Alvin Stardust transitioned into acting and appeared in several popular TV shows and films, including “Lipstick on Your Collar” and “UFO.” Despite his success in show business, Stardust continued to tour and perform for his fans.

Section 6: A Lasting Legacy

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Alvin Stardust passed away on October 23, 2014, after a short illness. However, his legacy lives on in the hearts of his fans. His music continues to resonate with audiences today, with his songs regularly featured in TV shows, movies, and advertisements.

Section 7: Alvin Stardust Trivia

• Did you know that Alvin Stardust started his career in the music industry as a roadie for the legendary musician, Johnny Kidd?
• Stardust wrote many of his songs under the pseudonym “Peter Shelley.”
• His hit single, “Pretend,” was a cover of a Nat King Cole song.
• He was known for his distinctive black leather catsuit, which was made by his wife.

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Section 8: FAQs

Q1. What was Alvin Stardust’s real name?
A1. Alvin Stardust’s real name was Bernard William Jewry.

Q2. When did Alvin Stardust become famous?
A2. Alvin Stardust became famous in the early 1970s with his hit single, “My Coo Ca Choo.”

Q3. What was Alvin Stardust’s signature look on stage?
A3. Alvin Stardust was known for his black leather catsuit, fingerless gloves, and distinctive hairstyle.

Q4. What other career did Alvin Stardust pursue besides music?
A4. Alvin Stardust transitioned into acting in the 1980s and appeared in several TV shows and films.

Q5. What was Alvin Stardust’s most popular song?
A5. Alvin Stardust’s most popular song was “My Coo Ca Choo.”

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Q6. What was Alvin Stardust’s cause of death?
A6. Alvin Stardust passed away after a short illness on October 23, 2014.

Q7. What is Alvin Stardust’s lasting legacy?
A7. Alvin Stardust’s music and style continue to inspire new generations of musicians and fans alike.


Alvin Stardust was a true icon of the 1970s. His music and style captured the hearts of millions around the world and continue to inspire new generations. While he may no longer be with us, his music and legacy live on and continue to be celebrated by fans worldwide. If you have not yet listened to a track by Alvin Stardust, we urge you to give it a listen today!

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