The corporate identity and brand of the business What is it and how do you create it? 

 June 22, 2022

This is the moment to realize when the market for products and services has many offers. To gain the trust of prospective customers, it’s important to present your business in the right way and also to successfully distinguish yourself from competitors. Your branding of the business is designed to accomplish this. The corporate identity includes things as graphic images, different fonts as well as an array of colors as well as individual slogans and occasionally even the sounds (and smells) are used to make the brand stand out from other companies.

What is the corporate identity?

The identity of a firm or company is the foundation and the subject of the firm’s communications with its customers (customers) who provide an visual and descriptive description of goods and services, and the other information that comes from the firm. Corporate identity assures the consistency of all goods, products and services.

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Corporate identity is among the strategies to build an image and simultaneously, the fundamental aspects in the creation of the brand. Corporate identity and the purpose behind it can be compared to the notion that is “image”. It’s a way to establish images of the company or business, which demonstrates the distinctiveness and trustworthiness of the business. The principal function for corporate branding is to generate awareness of the products and services the business provides. These tasks include boosting competitive advantages, establishing your own marketing and securing your products from counterfeits.

What’s included as part of the brand identity and corporate image for the business?

The identity of the business includes the full range of elements to influence the target group of customers (future customer). These are psychological, visual as well as sound effects. The components of corporate identity are:

  1. Trademark;
  2. Logo;
  3. Corporate block;
  4. “Corporate slogan” (or slogan) is the primary and often-used slogan of a business or company;
  5. Brand colors;
  6. The complex developed from individual fonts
  7. The face of the business (the picture of the business).
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Let’s examine a few of them in greater detail

The face of the business (the appearance of the business).

Image of the business is a particular person or fictional character or a fictional character that was selected by the company to be a way to engage with its customers.


A logo is an image or abbreviation of an organization’s name. company (or company) or business that is represented in an appropriate selection of color palette and image. The logo is presented to people as an effective and essential method of ensuring quality. The appearance of a logo improves the trust of the customer and helps the brand be recognized faster and start to stand out from the crowd.

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Corporate block

The corporate block typically comprises:

  • trademark;
  • Bank and postal information;
  • List of services and goods;
  • advertising symbol;
  • slogan.

The block with a logo is practical to use in a variety of situations. This could include the design of letterheads as well as the packaging of manufactured goods.

Other communication tools that are brand-named include:

  • letterhead;
  • Corporate seal;
  • the availability of a personal business card
  • various envelope types;
  • Branded folders for papers;
  • promotional products;
  • There are many souvenirs available.

To allow all components available to be an identity for your company it is necessary to understand an approximate algorithm for creation.

How do you create an identity for a company?

It is essential to recognize that the identity of a firm or business is not made in a matter of five minutes. It takes an enormous undertaking that doesn’t just consist of choosing how to determine the color of the firm’s logo , or font. Let’s review of what’s required to design a professional and distinctive style.

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Define the strategy of the firm or business

The first thing to do is to determine the products and services that the business produces and who it creates for as well as the goals it has at the end.

Set out the company’s objectives

It is essential to consider the objectives of the company – where it is currently (at the level at which it is) in addition to where it hopes to become in the near future. It is essential to take these aspects into consideration when creating an identity for your company, as If you make a decision immediately and decide on a plan for a lengthy period of time, it’s more straightforward to prepare ahead to be ready for modifications.

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A source of information for the public

To know what corporate identity is appropriate for a specific business, you must determine the audience you want to target. It is essential to answer the following questions:

  • the target audience Who are the people?
  • Which gender are they?
  • What is their life style?
  • Who do they work for?
  • What are their preferred ways to spend their time?

These answers can help determine the key elements in the brand identity that are being developed.

Strategy development

A strategy is a business’s plan for achieving its objectives. It is crucial to design it in the short as well as long-term goals.

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It is also essential to gather information about the business (to use as a base the elements that the business is able to successfully use) and to consider the company’s history and the purpose and goals of the company. An important aspect is the analysis of analytics and of competition.


Based on all the above it is clear that image of the business must necessarily be unique to differentiate itself from the competition. The logo must be appealing to be noticed. It should be memorable , not necessarily complex. It must also be simple to use and integrated that is, all the elements of the crafted brand identity for the firm or business should be harmoniously and integrated without straying from one idea.

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