10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ron Haslam: The King of Donington Park 

 June 14, 2023


Ron Haslam, the name every motorsport enthusiast knows! He is an accomplished motorcycle racer and has achieved numerous accolades in his career. A well-known fact about him is that he holds the title “King of Donington Park,” but what else do you know about him? This blog post will uncover ten things about Ron Haslam that you probably didn’t know before.

Section 1: Early years

Ron Haslam was born on June 1, 1958, in Langwith, Derbyshire. His father, Ron Haslam Sr., was a successful club racer and later became his first coach. Ron Jr. started riding at the age of four and began racing at just fifteen years old. By the time he turned eighteen, he had won multiple titles and was on the radar of professional teams.

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Section 2: Accomplishments

Ron Haslam has won championship titles in every domestic category of solo racing. He has also won the prestigious Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race three times and represented Britain in the World Superbike Championship twice. He has amassed over 137 race wins and has been inducted into the British Motorcycle Racing Hall of Fame and the Motor Sport Hall of Fame.

Section 3: Bonding with his son

Ron Haslam runs a track school where he coaches students, including professional racers, on how to ride their bike to its full potential safely. However, his most satisfying moment is seeing his son Leon follow in his father’s footsteps. Leon Haslam has also become a successful motorcycle racer and credits his father for his success.

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Section 4: Ron’s passion for Honda bikes

Ron Haslam has been closely associated with Honda since 1980 and has won all his major titles on Honda bikes. He continued his relationship with Honda by starting his race school at the Donington Park circuit, which exclusively uses Honda bikes.

Section 5: Career-ending injury

Ron Haslam suffered a career-ending injury in 1998 while racing in Malaysia. He broke his arm, which turned septic and developed a flesh-eating virus, resulting in the amputation of most of his forearm. After recovering from his injury, he started his race school to pass on his knowledge and experience.

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Section 6: The Ron Haslam Foundation

In 2010, Ron Haslam established the Ron Haslam Foundation to help young riders get started in motorcycle racing. The foundation aims to assist young riders financially and provide them with support and guidance to help them reach their full potential.

Section 7: Charity work

Ron Haslam has been involved in numerous charity events over the years, starting with his annual “Day of Champions” event at Donington Park that raises money for Riders for Health. He continues to raise money for various charities and is actively involved in community events.

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Section 8: Retirement and legacy

Ron Haslam officially retired from racing in 2002 but continues to put his racing knowledge to use. His race school has trained numerous riders, including his son Leon and current British Superbike Champion Josh Brookes. His teaching methods and legacy will long be remembered in the world of motorcycle racing.


1) What is Ron Haslam famous for?

Ron Haslam is an accomplished motorcycle racer who has won championship titles in every domestic category of solo racing. He is also known as the “King of Donington Park” for his success at the Donington Park circuit.

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2) Who is Ron Haslam’s son?

Ron Haslam’s son is Leon Haslam, who is also a successful motorcycle racer.

3) What types of bikes does Ron Haslam use in his race school?

Ron Haslam’s race school exclusively uses Honda bikes.

4) What is the Ron Haslam Foundation?

The Ron Haslam Foundation is a charity established by Ron Haslam to help young riders get started in motorcycle racing.

5) What is Day of Champions?

Day of Champions is an annual event started by Ron Haslam that raises money for Riders for Health, a charity that provides motorcycles for healthcare workers in Africa.

6) When did Ron Haslam retire from racing?

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Ron Haslam retired from racing in 2002.

7) How many times has Ron Haslam won the Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race?

Ron Haslam has won the prestigious Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race three times.


Ron Haslam’s success and contribution to the world of motorcycle racing is undeniable. His legacy continues to live on through his race school, the Ron Haslam Foundation, and his charity work. He has been an inspiration to many riders and has brought joy to the sport with his passion and commitment. To experience his passion and learn from his expertise, visit Ron Haslam’s race school and learn from the best.

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